Monday, February 16, 2015

One Last Thing On David Carr

The past several days have been full of loving, funny appraisals and appreciations of David Carr, a good number generated by The Times itself.  Themselves?  I can never tell.

Anyway, this is a good one, and with it I mark the end of my David Carr mourning period.  Titled "David Carr's Last Word on Journalism, Aimed at Students," it digs a bit into his cut-short BU professorship designed to help mint "the next generation of journalists."  Don't forget to click through and read his syllabus (also here for your convenience).  It's enough to make me wish I had attended college in the age of the internet.

I was especially taken by the fact that much of the coursework was collaborative, and the vehicle for that collaboration was the writing website  While I was between blogs I used Medium as an intermittent outlet for saying whatever nonsense I needed to say, and I loved it.  Although I've moved away, I remain a big fan.

In closing, I suppose I should also say that if you ever get a chance to watch "Page One," a documentary about The Times wrestling, in part, with its place in the changing landscape of electronic journalism, I would urge you to do so.  Carr features heavily.

Adios Campagnolo.

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