Monday, February 16, 2015

Exile on Knicks Street

Busy day here at TYOMW, which isn't as cool an acronym as TYOMP, which was pronounced "Triumph."  Like the motorcycle, not the victory.

Interesting distinction.
Thank you.

Alas, Amar'e Stoudemire has been waived by the Knicks.  The general thinking is that he'll be picked up by the Mavericks to buttress their front line.  Live long and prosper, Amar'e.  On a sabermetrics note, Amar'e averaged 18 points and 12 rebounds per 36 minutes played, which is actually pretty damned good.

He posted this poem on his Instagram account ...

NY NY what a beautiful city
A place where you can hang out with Anna, JayZ & Diddy
Its a place absent of excuses and patience
If your smart, you can meet leaders of every nation
NY NY big city of dreams
Everything in NY isnt always what it seems
In the land where the jungle is concrete
The money flows Dow Jones and Wall Street
Home of #STATcity and the #Knickstape Orginator,
Shalom to all my fans, Salute to all my haters.
Peace and Love
Amar’e Carsares Stoudemire Sr.
Me?  I was always fond of the guy, disfunction and all.  Shalom, big guy.

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