Thursday, February 12, 2015

Nom de Guerre

So I told you I'm working on this second series of books.  The ones that involve the peasant cooking?  In doing so I neglected to mention that, as a return to my roots, these will fall into what's loosely called the genre of High Fantasy.  Swords and fantastical creatures and the usual suspects.  The liberal substitution of "thou" for "you" and "art" for "are."  You've seen it a million times.

Anyway, I call this a return to my roots because my concentration in college was Medieval English.  And who doesn't like to go back and reread Sir Gawain and the Green Light every once in a while?

G'night.  Sleep tight.
No.  I mean it's knight not light.
I believe so.

Anyway, since this is so diametrically opposed to my Vietnam meets Wall Street thing, I've been thinking of adopting a nom de guerre under which to write the damned things.

No.  I mean it's nom de plume, not nom de guerre.
I believe so.
And you don't think writing is like war?
Not exactly.
Then you obviously don't write very much.

Anyway, I've come up with Geoffrey V. V. Raymond as my nom de guerre because, honestly, how much fun is that?

The thinking is:

a) it's kind of catchy
b) it's essentially my name, and
c) it's a riff off of George R. R. Martin and Jay R. R. Tolkein.

And who doesn't want to be like those guys?

Okay.  Then it's settled
No.  I mean it's the initial J, not Jay.
I believe so.
Hmmm.  I've only heard his name spoken -- never actually seen it spelled out.  I just assumed the guy's name was Jay.
Well, think again.

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