Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ice and snow

I reckon the amount of snow that has fallen on Troy and vicinity in the last four weeks is best measured in feet rather than inches.  Lately it's been nice.  The temperature has not exceeded freezing for the past ten days or so, and that creates a dry, powdery snow that you can just as easily sweep off your steps as shovel.

Prior to that, though, we had some unseemly scenarios where light dustings of snow covered sheets of ice.  Which wasn't nice.  I went down once, then started paying attention.

The other day I passed the mailman on my way to the library.  Person.  Carrier.  And I wondered briefly if the USPS sends their letter carriers to some sort of academy the way the police and fire departments do.  Mostly, I suppose, for training on how to walk effectively in slippery situations.  Pigeon-toed is, I'm told, one of the essential techniques.  Leaning slightly forward rather than backwards has a certain wisdom as well.

On an only slightly related note, it's amazing the advances they've made in cat litter technology.  Amazing.

How is that related to snow and ice?
Because back in the old days, when cat litter consisted of big chunky granules of clay, it was recommended that you carry a bag of it in your trunk and scatter it on the slippery parts of the road if your tires got stuck in a snow bank or something.  Much better than sand for generating grip.
Hmmm.  In Greece we don't have this problem.
No.  I suppose you wouldn't.

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