Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Forza Michael

Who knows how Michael Schumacher (the former driver, not my cat) is doing?  I hope well, but information regarding his recovery is sparse.  It would be fun if he knew that his son Mick just won a Formula 4 race.  This from the Euro version of ESPN ...

Mick Schumacher has won on his first weekend of German Formula 4.
Schumacher, the son of seven-time Formula One champion Michael, finished ninth on his German ADAC F4 debut on Saturday, before crossing 12th in the second race of the weekend on Sunday. For the third and final race at Oschersleben Schumacher lined up second on the reserve grid and quickly moved into the lead.
The Van Amersfoort Racing driver had to fend off a late charge from Australian Joseph Mawson after a period behind the safety car but held his nerve to finish with an advantage of half a second, clinching the first win of his single-seater career. The 16-year-old is fifth in the championship with 27 points after the first three races, but leads the rookie championship. Team-mate Harrison Newey, son of Red Bull design guru Adrian, is 12th in the standings after the opening weekend. 
Mick's father Michael, the most successful driver in the history of F1, continues to recover from the head injuries he suffered in a skiing accident in December 2013 and is currently undergoing private medical care at the family home in Switzerland.

I Love J.R. Smith

As, like, a son.  You know?

Me?  I've got two of the best kids ever.  And let's say one of them robbed a bank and ended up with ten to fifteen in the big house.  Or the other one put a space heater too close to the curtain and burned the house down.  With the cat inside!

If you're a parent you've surely had similar experiences.  And sure you get pissed, but they're still your kids and you still love them.  So what else are you going to do?  You drag your ass upstate every Sunday for visiting hours and pick her up when they finally let her out.  Hopefully sooner than later on good behavior.

I indirectly refer, of course, to my main man J.R.Smith and the bonehead technical he got in the last game against the Celtics for trying to knock Jai Crowder's head off.  It wasn't the technical that was the problem, it was the two game suspension that followed.  And now, absent Smith for two games on top of the season-ending injury to Kevin Love, the Bulls are having their way with the Clicks (Cleveland Knicks).

Did your kids do those things you mentioned?
No.  They did worse shit than that.

I employ the term Clicks because the Cavaliers employ three former Knicks of significance.  Smith, as discussed; Iman Shumpert, he of the other-worldly fade cut; and Timofey Mozgov.  Don't get me started on this.  I'm trying to have a nice day.

Check out J.R.'s tatts ...

I think you could argue that the two-game suspension was a bit harsh.  Just prior to the foul Crowder gave Smith a forearm shiver to the back of the neck that would have killed a lesser man.
Nicely said.  My expectation was one game, not two.
You know what they say about expectations.
I thought that was assumptions.
Possibly.  Either way, it applies.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Idiot's Goodnight

Tomorrow is a black day for radio.

What's radio?
It's like a way to listen to music.
Like the internet.
Yes, except that it's not interactive.
No.  But it's wireless.  And that's something.
Are there pictures?
No.  That's television.

I used the term broadcast television the other day and the person I was talking to didn't understand the term until I explained it to her. My friend Eric and I once made a pact that we'd never date women who couldn't name all four Beatles.

Growing old is hell.

Anyway, tomorrow night will be the last radio program of the famous free-form radio pioneer Vin Scelsa.  47 years of playing what he felt like on the radio.  Which, if you know anything about radio these days, is saying something.  The man's claim to fame, in counterpoint to everything else he did that was wonderful and lovely, was also a black day for radio.  Likewise the world.  Vin was on the air on WNEW, one of the great New York FM rock stations, the night John Lennon was shot and had the sad task of reporting it to the world.  Imagine.

The only time I ever won anything on the radio was on Scelsa's show Idiot's Delight. I don't remember what the question was, but the answer was Don Was, the music producer.  I got a ticket to a private screening of Backbeat, which was about the Beatles in Hamburg.  It sucked, but I got to meet Vin.

Tune in to wfuv.org tomorrow night at 8pm and listen for two hours.  I think he is the best thing that was ever on the radio.  He announced his impending retirement a month or so ago and for a while I was hoping his last song would be "4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)," because it's the best Bruce Springsteen song ever (Vin was a big Springsteen fan) and because it seemed to fit the occasion.  But he played it on his show two weeks ago and then, later in the show, when talking about the set, expressed some melancholy that he'd never play that song on the radio again.

At which point I got a massive lump in my throat.

Yoko takes a lot of shit, but I always thought she was a trip.  In the good sense of the world.  And John and Yoko really loved each other, which is its own thing.

Here's a live version of the same song.  You have to click through for some reason, but it's worth taking a quick peek to see John sing the song live, in a fuschia jumpsuit, in front of a bunch of rich people.  It's a bit alarming how much he looks like Bono.

The video reminds me of two things:  First, the famous Lennon quote about rattling your jewelry, which you can see here at the 1:00 mark ...

And second, for reasons I can't quite put my finger on, the whole business of Mark Rothko giving his commission back to the Four Seasons when he realized that the people who'd be sitting there eating their Dover sole and staring at his work would also be rich people.  That's a story for another day, but if you simply can't wait, there's a great piece in The Guardian about Rothko's Seagram paintings here.

Back to Vin:  Live long and prosper, old friend.  And thanks for the gift.

For me this boardwalk life's through, babe.
You ought to quit this scene too.
--Bruce Springsteen