Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I Love J.R. Smith

As, like, a son.  You know?

Me?  I've got two of the best kids ever.  And let's say one of them robbed a bank and ended up with ten to fifteen in the big house.  Or the other one put a space heater too close to the curtain and burned the house down.  With the cat inside!

If you're a parent you've surely had similar experiences.  And sure you get pissed, but they're still your kids and you still love them.  So what else are you going to do?  You drag your ass upstate every Sunday for visiting hours and pick her up when they finally let her out.  Hopefully sooner than later on good behavior.

I indirectly refer, of course, to my main man J.R.Smith and the bonehead technical he got in the last game against the Celtics for trying to knock Jai Crowder's head off.  It wasn't the technical that was the problem, it was the two game suspension that followed.  And now, absent Smith for two games on top of the season-ending injury to Kevin Love, the Bulls are having their way with the Clicks (Cleveland Knicks).

Did your kids do those things you mentioned?
No.  They did worse shit than that.

I employ the term Clicks because the Cavaliers employ three former Knicks of significance.  Smith, as discussed; Iman Shumpert, he of the other-worldly fade cut; and Timofey Mozgov.  Don't get me started on this.  I'm trying to have a nice day.

Check out J.R.'s tatts ...

I think you could argue that the two-game suspension was a bit harsh.  Just prior to the foul Crowder gave Smith a forearm shiver to the back of the neck that would have killed a lesser man.
Nicely said.  My expectation was one game, not two.
You know what they say about expectations.
I thought that was assumptions.
Possibly.  Either way, it applies.

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