Friday, February 13, 2015

Dying In the Newsroom

The overlooked part of David Carr's death, to me, is the fact that he died in the newsroom, doing a job he clearly loved.

Me?  When my time comes, I'd like about two weeks notice.  But since wishes like that rarely come true, I could live with a quick exit.  Lady MacBeth, who knew some things about death and dying, shares this valuable nugget ...

If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well.  It were done quickly.

Plus, of course, there's John Wooden's famous "Be quick but don't hurry."  Which is easier said than done, and only tangentially pertinent to the question of one's demise.

But dying in the Times newsroom?  I mean, we're not talking the Richmond Times-Dispatch.  We're talking The New York Times.  I would reproduce my grandfather's obit (he too was a Timesman of some note) in the Times below, but they make it almost impossible to do so.  Instead, you can, I believe, read it here.

I bring it up only because my father once said the most interesting thing to me.  It went something like "We knew that father loved us, but we also knew he loved his job more."

His job, during Dad's formative years, was being a newspaper man.  I wonder if David Carr loved it as much as Grandfather did.  I bet so.  And I bet they would both have been pissed to see a typo in their obit like the one that appears in the penultimate paragraph of Grandfather's.

I refer to the spelling of Herald.

UPDATE:  I tried accessing the obit as a Times nonsubscriber and experienced a bit of frustration.  I will renew my attempts to bring you my grandfather's obituary, as it is some fun reading.

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