Thursday, April 23, 2015

One more reason to live in New York ...

Taxidermy classes at the Morbid Museum.  The Times has this.

Apparently they sell out like nobody's business.  They have a squirrel class, a sparrow class and, best of all, a pigeon class.  There are, perhaps, more that aren't on my radar.  I'd look around on your behalf, but I'm too busy listening to Dwight Yoakam's new album "Second Hand Heart."  You'll have to do the work yourself.

Wow.  Who doesn't like Dwight Yoakam?  Granted, you have to be in the mood for country music, and I can certainly understand not being so.  But if you are, and you want a shot of the real shit, not some ashy-assed, watered-down, popped-up crap from bands with cute country-inspired names that have obviously been focus-grouped.

Back to the birds ...

Here.  Let's pull this guy apart and see how he's put together.

And speaking of hawks, I'm #2 on the Troy Library waiting list for the electronic version of "H is for Hawk," about which I can barely contain my excitement.  I went down to the local bookstore the other day and sat there for a while -- it's a damned nice bookstore and they encourage stuff like that -- and read the first chapter or so.  Thought about buying it on the spot then going around the corner and having a glass of wine but thought better of it.

Back to the birds, Part Two ...

And, of course, this ...

What?  You were expecting a Rickenbacker?  Well this is no Rick, friends.  This is David Crosby's Gibson ES-335 that he played whilst a Byrd.


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