Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Aaron Hernandez Guilty, plus additional

As if there was a question.  First Degree Murder carries a mandatory life sentence.  I don't like murderers, so I say good riddance.

On an unrelated sports matter, Stephen Curry recent sank 77 consecutive three-pointers during a Golden State practice.  Which is a lot.  Read more here at ESPN's newly redesigned website.  I didn't like the new design at first, being change-averse, but now I'm getting used to it.

On an unrelated web redesign matter, the Mothership recently redesigned her mobile website as well.  I read a fair amount of the Times electronically, and some of that happens on my phone.  Which, once you get used to it, is actually surprisingly pleasant.  I mean, it's not like the print on newspapers is particularly large.

[Brief personal aside:  I continue to hold fast against watching television on my phone.  That seems a bridge too far.  By leagues.]

Anyway, I fired up the old Moto X the other day and the Times app was missing.  Gone.  Nothing in its place.

I immediately figured it was something I did.  Erased it by accident.  Didn't pay the bill.  So I went to the app store and downloaded it again.  Fired it up yesterday and, lo and behold, it's completely different.  Too early to give a letter grade, but I don't hate it as much as I hated the ESPN redesign.

On a related grammatical issue, a lot of people think 'website' is two words, but I just can't make myself type it that way.  What's the point?  One more keystroke for no purpose whatsoever.  Before you know it, people will be using the word decimate to indicate complete annihilation when, in fact, it means reduced by 10%.

They already are.
I hear you.
That's from the Latin, isn't it?
Decimate?  I'm sure it is.
Then this is just one more piece of evidence that the United States is, as is sometimes suggested, following in the steps of Ancient Rome, with rich people in togas eating grapes while the barbarians, poor people and those otherwise in tatters tear the place down.
That's a little extreme.
Maybe yes, maybe no.

All of which makes me think of this Jean-Michel Basquiat painting ...

And this Rolling Stones song ...

Kind of a fun montage of New York in the 70s. That was a tough time for the city. Not shattered, exactly, but certainly in tatters.  I arrived in 1979, but I wish it had been earlier.

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