Wednesday, April 22, 2015

God Bless America

This is Rosie Mac, Emilia Clarke's body double in Game of Thrones ...

Zowie.  Very Guess Jeans.

Lovely that Ms. Clarke, of whom I'm fond (if for no other reason than I enjoyed watching her sing a bit of Fisherman's Blues in the movie Dom Hemingway), is now a big enough star to have one.  As opposed to the first year of her contract when they pretty much said: "Take off your clothes and stand over there."

Not in a mean way, but still.

This is Ms. Mac suited up for the part ...

Somebody notify the dragons.

We don't usually resort to cheesecake here at The Year of Magical Writing, but it's Wednesday and a man can only think of Mehmet Oz for a limited period of time.

Rosie Mac is a wonderful name, by the way.

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