Friday, April 3, 2015

A Black Day for the Knicks Nation

LeBron James, the King himself, recently passed Patrick Ewing on the all-time scoring list, bumping Old #33 from twentieth to twenty-first position.  Which feels like quite a plunge, even though it's just one number.

The good news is that 21 is in my Lotto sequence, so maybe that will end up being a good thing.

There's been much editorial energy expended on Chris Mullen's new job as coach of the St. John's Red Storm and thus, predictably, constant reminders of what a magnificent basketball league the Big East was in the 80s, when Mullen and Ewing and Pinkney and a host of others roamed the earth in anger.

I was a St. John's guy at the time and didn't really like Ewing in college.  But I came to love the man.

This is from a Rolling Rock bottle, not a Celtics jersey ...

Thank God.

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