Wednesday, March 18, 2015

You get old. Shit happens

I was on a popular website earlier and up popped a window that asked me if I wanted to take a survey about the site.  Since I like the site I clicked yes and up it popped.

One always wonders how long these things are going to take.  I'm fine with being a good sport, but sometimes they abuse your good intentions, and that makes me angry.  In this case, they have a progress bar in the upper right of the screen and by the time the third question pops up I see that I've made perhaps 20% progress, and I'm okay with that.

The question in question, if you will, reads something like "pick the year you were born."  Which made me think that "pick" wasn't exactly the right word.  A bit too random.  "Indicate" might have been better.

Anyway, I picked 1953 because that's the truth.  When I clicked submit, the next window said "Thank you for taking our survey," and now I'm feeling a bit cheated.

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