Saturday, March 21, 2015


Today would have been Ayrton Senna's 55th birthday.  In this side-by-side footage watch him eat Alain Prost's lunch at Suzuka.  Senna is on the left ...

The most interesting thing about this, other than Senna beating Prost like a drum -- which I'm sure he loved because the two despised eachother -- are the famous Ss at Suzuka.  Esses?  They come right after the first turn and it's left-right-left-right til the cows come home.  I can tell you, speaking from experience (Playstation 3) that this is where you win or lose on this circuit.

And this.  One of the great laps at Monaco.  I love how the car just appears in front of him around the 1:10 mark and it's like totally not a big deal.  Modern on-board cameras, with their anti-shake technology, don't do justice to just how intense it is to drive one of these cars.

Happy birthday, Ayrton.  Rest in peace.

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