Friday, March 13, 2015

The Wailers

I don't think the Wailers get enough credit for being a really tight band.  I want you to drop everything, go to Spotify and type in "Easy Skanking in Boston '78."  Outstanding, particularly the second half which features I Shot the Sheriff/Easy Skanking/NWNC/Jamming, all in a row.

Everybody knows that.  It's like calling Geico will save you some money.
They do?  
NWNC is the acronym for No Woman No Cry.

Me?  I miss Bob.  I saw him three times live, the third of which was, if memory serves, at the Capital Center outside Washington DC.  I had pretty good seats -- about half court, had there been a basketball court laid down -- and at one point a roiling tunnel of energy linked Bob and me as if I was staring straight into a tornado, except it was sideways, and at the other end was Bob Marley.  I'll never forget it.

You could further argue, were you of a mind to, that in addition to Bob Marley the Wailers included Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer.  I'm okay with Peter Tosh, but Bunny Wailer (or Bunny Livingston, although his first name was Neville) created in Blackheart Man one of the greatest reggae albums ever.

One man's opinion.

And let's not even talk about Aston "Family Man" Barrett.

Dem war some root boys, mon.

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