Saturday, January 31, 2015

3,728 and counting

Once more my girl Maria couldn't muster the needed mojo to beat Serena Williams.  Williams, on the other hand, managed to come up with enough to beat Sharapova like a drum, even while battling a cold.

Troubling.  Although it's hard to feel too troubled for someone with a net worth of over 100 Large.

Maria's a person, just like you and me.  Not just a bank account.
Nicely said.

The good news is that Virginia plays Duke tonight.  When, I would ask Virginia fans, was the last time you thought a statement like that was good news?  Anyway, let's think positive thoughts.

And tomorrow, unless you live in Russia or someplace, in which case it would be the day after tomorrow, the Seahawks play the Patriots.  In the Superbowl.

My prediction is 31-21 Hawks.  What I actually think is going to happen is that the Patriots are going to win by seven.

I hope my prediction is correct.

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