Friday, January 30, 2015

3,727 days

That's how long it's been since Maria Sharapova has beaten Serena Williams.  Wow.  Can that possibly be true?

Apparently so.  November 15th, 2004 being the key date.  Los Angeles.  The WTA Tour Championship.  Since then, not so much for my Russian friend.

Me?  I'm a big Sharapova fan.  On the other hand, I think Serena is a colossal jerk.  And let me add that I'm quite fond of her sister Venus, lest someone mislabel calling a jerk a jerk an act of racism rather than an act of telling the truth.  Which is a problem that crops up far too frequently in today's world.

Nonetheless, 3,727 days is a long time.  Ten point two one years.

The good news is that the Williams woman has a bit of a cold.  I remain quietly vigilant.

Speaking of things we lust after, here's the new Ferrari ...

Not fabulous, but at least it doesn't make me want to vomit.

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