Tuesday, January 27, 2015

An Interview with the Greek Chorus

What are your goals for this new blog, Geoffrey?
Use less commas.
Excellent starting point.  In The Year of Magical Painting your fondness for the comma fluctuated between the psychopathic and the psychedelic.
Yes it did.  I apologize.  
Please--you have nothing to apologize for.  What's a few commas between friends?
Now you sound like Harold Pinter.
Any other goals?  
I will attempt to sound less like a pant-load.
Hmmm.  Maybe we should just start with the punctuation.
Maybe.  Life coaches always tell you not to try to change lots of things at once.
Exactly.  Focus on one thing at a time.  
Exactly.  May I, in turn, ask you a question, Xerxes?
Of course.
What happened to Persephone?
She didn't want to relocate.
I thought we offered a pretty attractive package.
I guess it wasn't enough.  Anyway, she called me up and asked me if I wanted my old job back.  I was at loose ends at the time and the thought of a regular paycheck seemed attractive so I said yes.
Well, welcome back.
Thank you.  But I have to say, the minute that fucking talking dog makes an appearance on this blog I'm out of here.

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