Thursday, January 29, 2015

Let The Spectacle Begin

Finally, a Formula 1 car that doesn't look like shit ...

Actually last year's McLarens were okay looking, although not as tasty as this one.  Plus none of last year's McLarens contained somebody named Fernando Alonso.  Now one does.  And one can't help but notice the addition of the word Honda on the side of the car.  Yowza!

Me?  I have very little interest in owning a Honda, although they are certainly fine cars.  I think I skew towards Toyotas.  But those boys can really build a racing engine.  Back in the old days, McLaren/Hondas were the beasts that roamed the earth.  I wonder if they can repeat the trick.

Now let's see what the shiny red cars look like.  This, for the record, was last year's version ...

Without exaggeration, the worst looking Ferrari in the history of the brand.

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