Friday, November 20, 2015


I love to write about the CIA. My characters in Saigon: Too Big To Fail are up to their asses with spooks.  Some are, in fact, spooks themselves.  Others, including the protagonist, work for the Agency on occasion.

At the same time, I'm enjoying very much my slow read of "A Brief History of Seven Killings."  I say slow reading because it is, literally, slow reading.  So much so that the library demanded the book back and I had to wander down to the bookstore and actually buy a copy.  Which, since I'm admiring the work, is not the worst thing in the world.

So, given this background, you can imagine my amusement at a New York Times article titled "Topping studies with a dollop of athletics at the Culinary Institute of America."  If I was a better blogger I'd insert an excellent joke right here.  Instead, I'll insert a snippet from "Saigon: Too Big To Fail" taken from memory (because I have neither the time nor inclination to actually find the bit) and presented in the manner in which Marlon James presents dialogue in A Brief History ...

--Who you with?
--The SEC.
--The SEC?  Wow.  Alabama looks great this year.
--Not the Southeastern Conference, asshole.  The Securities and Exchange Commission.

I would urge you to enjoy it, in its entirety here.  I was then going to close by inserting the David Kinch sea bream sushi U-Tube video, but if you just scroll down a couple of posts you can find it there.

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